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Ubuntu wikishelf

This Wikishelf - definition has a number of article regarding Ubuntu. For a broader range of articles on Free software, one can consult the Free software wikishelf.

Ubuntu desktop

Laptop under Ubuntu

  • LCD back-light for Dell laptop: This article discuss how to activate on Ubuntu 7.04 the LCD backlight feature of your Dell laptop. This requires fiddling with the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and with the libsmbios packages. The result can greatly improved your laptop battery life.
  • Power Management of you laptop under Ubuntu. How to extend your battery life, what is power management, how does it work, etc.

Ubuntu Server Edition

A home server

At home, I have a small server, actually the latest Ubuntu Server Edition. It is nice and is rich in functionalities. Never-the-less, it is not exactly what I am expecting from a server for a home desktop usage.

In the hand of an expert or company, Ubuntu Server Edition is a perfect tool. In the end of a family, who just wishes things work out-of-the-box, this edition is not adapted at all.

What is a home server then?

Something that is easy, simple, discrete, quiet, transparent to the user and which does not require maintenance. What does it provide for functionalities out-of-the-box? Here is a simplistic answer with a list of the main functions:

  • Offers a shared storage area (NAS),
  • Offers a back-up area,
  • Can be used for streaming multimedia content,
  • Can share printers,
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere,
  • Offers transparent chatting capabilities with people on your network,
  • Advanced power management,
  • Graphical interface local and/or remote,
  • Automatic advertisement of its capabilities using a Zeroconf (Zero configuration network) implementation,
  • 100% free (libre), transparent to the user and interoperable with Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS, etc. systems.

And many more :-)

Interested? Check the dedicated page on a home server for Ubuntu.

A server in the wild, setting free the Ibex

I want to dedicate this section to using Amazon Elastic Computing (EC2) cloud with Ubuntu Server Edition (currently version 8.10 Intrepid Ibex).

Terra incognita

  • Here be Dragons!

Cave Draconem

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