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 ==== Troubleshooting ==== ==== Troubleshooting ====
 +===== Extra Commands =====
 +This section list some useful commands for better using SSH.
 +SSH can provide you with strong authenticity,​ but one needs to verify at the first connection the host fingerprint to make sure it is connecting to the right host. Or when exchanging with a third party your public keys (and doing via an untrusted medium such as the internet), you might want to exchange via a secure medium the fingerprint of your keys.
 +Print the fingerprint of a public key (SSH host or user key):
 +<​code>​ssh-keygen -l -f <​path-to-the-key></​code>​
 +Print the fingerprint of already accepted host:
 +<​code>​ssh-keygen -l -f ~/​.ssh/​known_hosts -F <​hostname></​code>​
 ===== Related articles ===== ===== Related articles =====
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