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-====== World Trip ====== 
-FIXME (add content and structure to this section). Everything that will concern our World Trip 
-====== Cycling ====== 
-FIXME (add content and structure to this section and sub-sections). ​ 
-===== Cycling routes ===== 
-==== France ==== 
-A really nice and easy cycling route that follows the //canal du Rhône au Rhin// and the //route des vins d'​Alsace//​ is available on Bikemap to other cyclists. It starts in Valentigney (Pays de Montbéliard) and end in Munster (near Colmar). The first half follows dedicated cycling route allong the canal, while from Cernay on, the route follows the Alsacian wines road (light traffic). The map was built using [[http://​​|Bikemap]],​ and it is shared under the following license: [[http://​​licenses/​by-sa/​3.0/​|Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0]]. 
-<​html><​div style='​margin-top:​2px;​margin-bottom:​2px;​width:​300px;​font-family:​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;​font-size:​9px;​color:#​535353;​background-color:#​ffffff;​border:​2px solid #​2a88ac;​font-style:​normal;​text-align:​right;​padding:​0px;​padding-bottom:​3px !important;'><​iframe width='​300'​ height='​407'​ border='​0'​ src='​http://​​route/​83756/​widget?​width=300&​amp;​height=300&​amp;​extended=true&​amp;​maptype=0'​ frameborder='​0'​ marginheight='​0'​ marginwidth='​0'​ scrolling='​no'></​iframe><​br />Bike route <a style='​color:#​2a88ac;​ text-decoration:​underline;'​ href='​http://​​route/​83756'>​83756</​a>​ - powered by <a style='​color:#​2a88ac;​ text-decoration:​underline;'​ href='​http://​'>​Bikemap</​a>&​nbsp;</​div></​html>​ 
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