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iBrain storm


Perhaps some idea about things related to work… lets see what will come.

FOSS improvements (ideas)


  • red-eye: once the red eye button is selected, a single click on an eye should be enough to correct it (Bug #417500)
  • clicking on the “Delete” button within F-Spot should remove the picture from the catalogue and from the hard disk. The current behaviour is nice for the enthusiast, but rather confusing for common people (Bug #417486)


  • when adding an attachment, it should be possible to preview certain known file types (like a thumbnail for images) instead of an icon representing the file type. This especially useful for photograph because after importing pictures from a digital camera, their names have no meaning, thus you need to check the name in your favourite photo management application before being able to e-mail it. Another solution, less resource-hungry would be to have in the file selection dialogue a small preview pane on the right, this pane would show a preview of the file content once a file has been selected (much like the dialogue box of Inkscape).
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