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-====== iBrain Wiki ====== 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-My own personal WikiWiki where I will be able to keep track of my ideas. Be prepared for the biggest mess you have ever seen ;-) 
-===== Open space ===== 
-==== Free software activities ==== 
-=== Free software, open source or freeware? === 
-Check my dedicated page on the [[FOSS:​definition|definition of free software, open source and freeware]] terms. 
-=== NP_Polyglot project === 
-A plug-in for [[http://​​|Nucleus]],​ but not quite started yet... Check the [[http://​|development page of np-polyglot]]! 
-=== nbStmts project === 
-A simple script to count the number of statements in C++ files. Check the dedicated web page for [[FOSS:​QA:​nbStmts|this tool]]. 
-=== Free software wikishelf === 
-This [[FOSS:​wikishelf|free software wikishelf]] presents guides about various free software projects like Samba, SSH, Linux, etc. These guides are aimed to understand better some of the concept behind each projects as well as to beyond the basics. 
-An important part of this wikishelf will be dedicated to Ubuntu. 
-== Ubuntu around the corner == 
-{{:​media:​ubuntu.png?​48 |Ubuntu Linux}}I am using Ubuntu on my primary desktop computer and I am really satisfied with it. As there is always ways to improve a product, I decided to document those ways in my wiki. When I think the article is good enough, I most probably will upload it to the [[https://​​community/​|Ubuntu documentation (wiki)]] to improve it. 
-My [[FOSS:​Ubuntu:​wikishelf|Ubuntu wikishelf]] will be the repository place of those articles. 
-===== Personal space ===== 
-==== Studies ==== 
-=== CNAM === 
-So I decided to continue for the [[perso:​study:​cnam|CNAM]] but this time in Germany. Check what's going on for my [[perso:​study:​cnam:​projects|CNAM Projects]]. 
-==== iBrain storm ==== 
-=== OSS improvements (ideas) === 
-== F-Spot == 
-  * red-eye: once the red eye button is selected, a single click on an eye should be enough to correct it ([[http://​​show_bug.cgi?​id=417500|Bug #417500]]) 
-  * clicking on the "​Delete"​ button within F-Spot should remove the picture from the catalogue and from the hard disk. The current behaviour is nice for the enthusiast, but rather confusing for common people ([[http://​​show_bug.cgi?​id=417486|Bug #417486]]) 
-== Thunderbird == 
-  * when adding an attachment, it should be possible to preview certain known file types (like a thumbnail for images) instead of an icon representing the file type. This especially useful for photograph because after importing pictures from a digital camera, their names have no meaning, thus you need to check the name in your favourite photo management application before being able to e-mail it. Another solution, less resource-hungry would be to have in the file selection dialogue a small preview pane on the right, this pane would show a preview of the file content once a file has been selected (much like the dialogue box of Inkscape). 
-==== Blog ==== 
-=== Magical World === 
-  * [[perso:​blog:​mw:​photocamera]] 
-  * [[perso:​blog:​mw:​preparation]] 
-==== Work ==== 
-Perhaps some idea about things related to work... lets see what will come. 
-==== iBrain dump ==== 
-=== GNU/Linux === 
-  * [[perso:​dump:​lnx:​List of useful commands|List of useful commands]] for GNU/Linux and UNIX OS. 
-=== Just dump == 
-  * [[perso:​dump:​mess|A big mess]]. 
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