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====== iBrain Wiki ====== ===== Introduction ===== My own personal WikiWiki where I will be able to keep track of my ideas. Be prepare for the bigger mess you ever saw ;-) ===== Open space ===== ==== Free software activities ==== === Free software, open source or freeware? === I will explain here the difference between the three. === NP_Polyglot project === A plug-in for [[|Nucleus]], but not quite started yet... Check the [[|development page of np-polyglot]]! === nbStmts project === A simple script to count the number of statements in C++ files. Check the dedicated web page for [[FOSS:QA:nbStmts|this tool]]. === Ubuntu around the corner === {{:media:ubuntu.png?48 |Ubuntu Linux}}I am using Ubuntu on my primary desktop computer and I am really satisfied. As there is always ways to improve a product, I decided to document those ways in my wiki. When I think the article is good enough, I most probably will upload it to the [[|Ubuntu documentation (wiki)]] to improve it. My [[FOSS:Ubuntu:wikishelf|Ubuntu wikishelf]] will be repository place of my wiki articles. ===== Personal space ===== ==== Studies ==== === CNAM === So I decided to continue for the [[perso:study:cnam|CNAM]] but this time in Germany. Check what's going on for my [[perso:study:cnam:projects|CNAM Projects]]. ==== iBrain storm ==== === OSS improvements (ideas) === == F-Spot == * red-eye: once the red eye button is selected, a single click on an eye should be enough to correct it * clicking on the "Delete" button within F-Spot should remove the picture from the catalogue and from the hard disk. The current behaviour is nice for the enthusiast, but rather confusing for common people * a print button should be placed in the tool bar == Thunderbird == * when adding an attachment, it should be possible to preview certain known file types (like a thumbnail for images) instead of an icon representing the file type. This especially useful for photograph because after importing pictures from a digital camera, their names have no meaning, thus you need to check the name in your favourite photo management application before being able to e-mail it. Another solution, less resource-hungry would be to have in the file selection dialogue a small preview pane on the right, this pane would show a preview of the file content once a file has been selected (much like the dialogue box of Inkscape). ==== Blog ==== === Magical World === * [[perso:blog:mw:photocamera]] * [[perso:blog:mw:preparation]] ==== Work ==== Perhaps some idea about things related to work... lets see what will come. ==== iBrain dump ==== === GNU/Linux === * [[perso:dump:lnx:List of useful commands|List of useful commands]]

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