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 ===== Open space ===== ===== Open space =====
 ==== Free software activities ==== ==== Free software activities ====
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 My [[FOSS:​Ubuntu:​wikishelf|Ubuntu wikishelf]] will be the repository place of those articles. My [[FOSS:​Ubuntu:​wikishelf|Ubuntu wikishelf]] will be the repository place of those articles.
 +=== Cloud computing and free software ===
 +[[wp>​Cloud_computing|Cloud computing]] is an interesting technology that allow people like me and you to use enterprise scale systems to host services. [[http://​​|Amazon Web Services (AWS)]] offers various possibilities from storage only to a full virtual machine. I am going to try using this service with Ubuntu Server Edition. All my findings will be held in my [[FOSS:​Ubuntu:​wikishelf|Ubuntu wikishelf]].
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 Some [[perso:​quotes|quotes I like to remember]]. Some [[perso:​quotes|quotes I like to remember]].
 +Some [[perso:​poems|poems (mostly in French) I like]].
 ==== Magical World ==== ==== Magical World ====
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 === Just dump == === Just dump ==
   * [[perso:​dump:​mess|A big mess]].   * [[perso:​dump:​mess|A big mess]].
 +  * [[perso:​dump:​cpp|C++ best practices]].
 ==== Studies ==== ==== Studies ====
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