Photon – A WordPress plug-in for PhpWebGallery 1.7

Photon 4.2.1 (non official release) by @jcberthon

You can find an updated (and non official version) of Jillij Photon plug-in for WordPress. It now works with PhpWebGallery 1.7.0.
This plug-in is licensed under the same condition as the original one: GPL
Instructions are included in a readme.txt file in the package.

If you are on Windows (XP or Vista), you might want to try 7-zip to open the previous archives. 7-zip is free of charge and is free (as in freedom). It has many advantages compare to the built in archiving facility of recent Windows release.

A thousand miles journey starts with a single step (Lao Tseu)

Hello World, we are coming…That’s it! In a few days my partner and I will do the first step of a long journey around the World. We are going to travel for a whole year, spend time together, enjoy life, people, cultures, landscapes and food together. This World seems so beautiful and magical, that it feels natural to just let’s go exploring it!

As we are going to enjoy the real life, my virtual me is going to hibernate. This blog will no longer be updated for the coming year and maybe even more. As a temporary measure, I will close commenting just before our departure, which is scheduled on the 1st of August 2007. Closing commenting is just momentarily to avoid this blog being flooded by unsolicited commercial message during the coming 365 days.

I never yet talk much about my interest in bande dessinée (a special form of comics) or comics. Though, I definitely prefer the first ones, I am fond of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip by Bill Watterson. I find this strip so refreshing and funny, if you do not know it, give it a try at your local library or bookshop! Fans of Watterson’s work may have noticed a small plagiarism I used earlier. To give credits to whom it deserves, here is the small strip that inspired us our travel blog name ( and my previous sentence:

“It’s a Magical World (…) let’s go exploring!”

Credits: Bill Watterson