What is appropriate?

Being an Ubuntero – meaning an Ubuntu user who has read, agreed to, and sign the Ubuntu code of conduct – I am trying to my best extent to respect this code inside the Ubuntu community and also outside. Why do I agree with it and do I respect it outside the Ubuntu community? Because it represents some concepts I, in general, abide by. So, I am doing self-moderation of my speech. If you feel I have missed this goal in an article or comment, please remind it to me on the article directly or on this page.

Speaking of moderation, one might have seen that first posters comments are held in a moderation queue before being published. Further comments, once the first one is approved, will not be moderated. My goal is not to moderate freedom of speech, but to hold unsolicited advertisement to spam this site. Furthermore, I would like that all readers, who want to post a comment on this site, respect the Ice & Fire code of conduct (inspired by the Ubuntu code of conduct). Comments failing to abide to this code will likely be removed at my discretion.