I wanted to have my own space to speak about subjects of personal interest. I want to speak mainly of computer related stuff, especially around free/libre software. Though I’ve always been a fan of Mac OS, and thus you might see from time to time updates on this topic too.

In addition, I am planning to have articles on some of my non-geek interests, which are mainly: Iceland, Astronomy and History.

Intended Readership

Who might be interested in this website? Frankly, I do not know, maybe no one. But, if one is interested in Linux (or technology in general), this could be a good place. Also, I hope that travellers or Iceland lovers will be able to find interesting information here. However, my first articles are going to be computer related, so check back later.

Regarding the computer science articles


All user commands will be written in the “code” HTML style (should be Courier New font on most browsers), and will start with a ‘$‘ symbol that should not be reproduced when typing the commands. This symbol represents the SHELL prompt character. The command will be given for a BASH syntax-compatible shell.