ZFS on Linux

In my previous post, I was stating that ZFS on Linux was not mature enough. The native ZFS port to Linux, although active, is still in release candidate stage and requires significant work to install. As for the ZFS FUSE version, it is still a 0.7 version not updated for long but it is easy to install on Ubuntu as it is available in the Software Centre (the link only works if your system supports the ‘apt:‘ scheme like on Ubuntu).

I have tried and installed the later, and although I cannot give any conclusion from a stability/reliability point of view, I was able to perform successfully the same steps I had performed on FreeBSD using ZFS.

NTFS write support for Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (the development codename) has a fairly easy way to enable write mode on NTFS partitions. Writing on such partition is safe since release 1.0 of NTFS-3G, and it is included in Ubuntu Feisty’s Universe repository.

To use it, one should enable the Universe repository and install ntfs-3g package (see Ubuntu documentation about installing software) and that’s almost it.

You can now either update manually your partition configuration file (/etc/fstab) to use ntfs-3g driver instead of the default ntfs. Or you could use the ntfs-config package which does the trick taking care for you about the local settings or external hard drive. Who said Linux was not easy?

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