Welcome to Ice and Fire weblog.

What is this web site?

I hope to make this place interesting for various people. It is not going to be exactly a blog (contraction of weblog), there will be a blog part where I will post some idea, reactions to a particular topic, etc.

Moreover, I hope to be manage to customise WordPress to present articles on various topics where a reader could browse through categories and interests rather than by date.

What am I going to talk here?

I love many things, Vera – my girlfriend – is the one I love most. After, I am really interested in the following subjects, which I hope I could share with people.

  • Open Source and especially Linux, which I am using and appreciating a lot
  • I hope to have time soon to install FreeBSD, that would be my first contact with this OS
  • I am crazy about Iceland where I lived for 1,5 year
  • Finally, perhaps will I talk also about Astronomy and History

Why English language?

As you might find out, I am French, and as you know in my country, we are not supposed to speak other language than French. But, I do not want to restrict my speech to only French-speakers as I hope some topics, I am going to write on Linux, might interest many people.

Thus, English was the most suitable language.