HI (Human Intelligence) in Computer Science

The number of errors you find in forums or user groups is sometimes amazing. Here in this thread, the first answer mix up file system journaling with indexing, the second rightly tries to correct the thread but adds more errors by stating that ZFS is a journaling FS, which it isn’t. It is a transactional copy-on-write file system.

And this other thread on Ubuntu Forums is even worse. First, people do not exactly answer the question, some just express opinion/beliefs without facts, finally some are trying to base their answers on facts but those are incorrect. Example: “NTFS does not have a journal, neither is it 64 bit like Ext4.” (it is pretty hard to have that many wrong facts in one sentence, bravo!) Thanks, some users are trying to sanitize this thread (e.g. Udayakiran or falconindy), sadly their answers are flooded in the mass of bad/wrong ones.