The Wow had already started

It is not my intention to transform this blog into a video one. But I will from time to time add one that I found of interest.

Today is an alternative wow that I want to say. I have installed a 3D desktop on my computer last autumn and found it fun, I also found out how crap was my built-in laptop video card… sigh!

Anyway, today I was watching a recent video of such 3D desktop, and wow! They have evolved really fast. The video is a bit long at the beginning, but it is worth it. I like the dock at the bottom of the screen (kiba dock). Of course, the operating system is Linux.

Linux distributions trends

Google trends - Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat based, Debian, SUSE based) and Windows Vista

I was just playing around with Google Trends and I thought of showing the result of one of my search.

You can see on the figure (or directly at Google Trends) the evolution of search request perform by users of the Google web search engine in 2005 and 2006.

At the beginning of 2005, Ubuntu was rather new, hence the growing number of request over 2005 and 2006. I have no explanation about the sudden rise of Vista in the beginning of the second 2005 semester.

So was Ubuntu more popular than Vista in 2006? Well if by just using Google Trends we would have such an answer that would be easy, but this is only one factor amongst many. So you can think of your own good idea.

To conclude, you could check this other trend comparison between various version of Ubuntu, interesting…

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Definitively two different styles

Video MIME Type by TangoRecently San Francisco was the location of the Macworld 2007 event. Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. CEO, performed a remarkable keynote and presented the iPhone, which is buzzing all around the internet now.

Even though, that’s only a few month that we got our first Macintosh computer, I fell in love with the look and the use of those devices long before when once – around 15 years ago – there was one of those machines for a few days at home (my father brought it to work on it a couple of days). Since then, I long for having one.

Fifteen years ago PC (DOS+Windows) based computers were clearly ugly. From the hardware design to the Graphical User Interface (GUI), PCs were no comparison to Apple Macintosh and their Operating System (OS). Nowadays, the look of PC (Windows XP or Vista) is clearly improved, both hardware and software. But oddly enough and for my own taste, I consider Apple design still more recherché (sought-after).

The funny part of all this, and which is what triggered this post, is the difference in keynotes from both Microsoft and Apple. Get the full article to know more…

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Moved to Ubuntu Dapper Flight 5

I was stupidly playing with hdparm features, and after experimenting a few non recommended parameters, I nearly destroyed my / partition (the system one). So my Kubuntu was unusable on my laptop.

Seeing the few problems (bugs) I have encountered using Kubuntu, I decided to switch to Ubuntu and install the KDE desktop (not yet done, I am still under Gnome). I will have more or less the same as Kubuntu. However, the administration tools will be the one from Ubuntu, which, in my opinion, are a bit better and especially more stable.

Speaking of stability, I decided to move right away to Ubuntu Dapper Flight 5, so still a release which is under development. So, I do not expect it to be pretty stable. But I am planning to play around a bit with my laptop, so this release was suiting my idea then.

Nevertheless, as Kubuntu and Ubuntu are pretty similar, I will keep to the category Kubuntu for both distributions.


Welcome to Ice and Fire weblog.

What is this web site?

I hope to make this place interesting for various people. It is not going to be exactly a blog (contraction of weblog), there will be a blog part where I will post some idea, reactions to a particular topic, etc.

Moreover, I hope to be manage to customise WordPress to present articles on various topics where a reader could browse through categories and interests rather than by date.

What am I going to talk here?

I love many things, Vera – my girlfriend – is the one I love most. After, I am really interested in the following subjects, which I hope I could share with people.

  • Open Source and especially Linux, which I am using and appreciating a lot
  • I hope to have time soon to install FreeBSD, that would be my first contact with this OS
  • I am crazy about Iceland where I lived for 1,5 year
  • Finally, perhaps will I talk also about Astronomy and History

Why English language?

As you might find out, I am French, and as you know in my country, we are not supposed to speak other language than French. But, I do not want to restrict my speech to only French-speakers as I hope some topics, I am going to write on Linux, might interest many people.

Thus, English was the most suitable language.