An Icelandic Saga

On the road...We are on the edge to write a new Icelandic saga. In a few days, we will embark on a plane direction: Iceland.

10 years ago we were leaving Iceland after an incredible time there. Now we are going back with our bicycle to explore it differently.

Iceland is an amazing place, but it is a difficult one too, especially on a bike. The weather is harsh, the wind strong, the roads are tricky and bridges only exist on road #1! But Iceland is a magical place, it’s wild, it’s colourful, it’s warm and cold.

Just let’s go exploring it!

Small facts about Iceland

  • Population: 317 000
  • Area: 103 000 km2
  • Density: 3.1/km2
  • Sheep: 500 000

Yes, after New Zealand, this is another country that we will be cycling where they are more sheep than humans!

Source: Wikipedia

Small facts about our bicycle tour

  • Distance planned: 1000-1300 km
  • Total number of days: 25
  • Out of which:
    • Sunny days: 25
    • Rainy days: 25

Indeed, Iceland is known to have a very unstable weather. Icelandic are telling that if you do not like the weather, wait 10 minutes and you might like it better.

And here below, you can find the planned route.

Bike route 593919 – powered by Bikemap 

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  1. Nice trip you’re about to begin (maybe you’re already there ??). Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself there, you really deserve it after this hard working year.
    I’ll be waiting for your photos and stories.

    See you.

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